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Turn-key Solutions for Oil Processing

Shreeji Expeller Industries is the top most Indian manufacturer and supplier of oil extraction machinery and components to oil extraction plants, oil mills, oil refinery plants and bio-diesel plant production houses.

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Oil Expeller Industries

Discovery of fire had been an important episode in human development. Besides other important things, it taught the art of cooking food to early man. Over the centuries our cooking habits have evolved and become more comprehensive. We have added different tastes and cooking styles. Spices, vegetables, grains, pulses etc are no doubt important ingredients of our food. But there is another very important ingredient which determines to a great extent the taste and quality of our food; cooking oil/edible oil.

Have you ever wondered how essential edible oils are in our daily diet? You can gauge it from the fact that in ancient times it was one of the most valuable trade and economic goods. People all over the world have continued to use edible oil in their food since ages.

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