Oil Mill Machinery

Shreeji Industries is an export oriented and world renowned manufacturer of Oil Mill Machinery. Our customers applaud for our in time services, prompt attitude and commitment. In our 22 years of oil mill machines manufacturing we have established numerous oil extraction machinery and mills.

With the purpose of advancing and giving better oil mill machines to the market, we had established our in house research and development center. We have collaborated with various other R&D centres and institutes to optimize various parameters at each stage of oil expelling. Our customers have time and again reported better acceptability of their product and higher yields as compared to their counterparts. We manufacture a range of products from start of the plant schematic till the last. We also help in custom designing your plant as per your requirement. Our mills are always designed keeping in mind the future expandability.

No doubt Shreeji Oil Industries is considered a reliable and trustworthy source of oil mill machinery. We have a comprehensive after sales service team which looks into training and maintenance of your plants, so that you don`t face any glitch and hiccups. Our prices are very competitively placed and our quality is unmatched in the market. We are constantly striving for maintaining our repute in the market.

Viraat and Vikram are our 2 primary series of oil mill machinery. Some of the reasons for you to choose our products are :

  • Our machines are designed for low power consumption and higher efficiency.
  • Our gear box adjustment is perfected for higher consumptions and low maintenance.
  • To reduce the running cost of the Oil Mill Machines, we have ensured they are low maintenance
  • Sturdy and robust design of expeller and stringent quality checks of our machine gives us an edge over rest of the suppliers.
  • Our products are technologically superior and have a longer useful life.
  • Due to better design, the output of the expeller is also superior and fetches a better price for oil and cake.
  • Proper safety precautions and shock absorbers are provided.
  • All our products comply with international standards.
  • The ease of operation is an essential selling point of all our Oil Mill Machinery.

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