Oil Mill Plant and Machinery

Mechanization of various industries is definitely seen as a revolution in the market. A similar revolution in cooking oil manufacturing has been propelled with advent of many oil mill manufacturing companies. The best of these oil mill machinery manufacturing companies in India have a very strong research background. Indian oil mill manufacturers have created a vast market for their machines in the whole world now. Oil milling has become a fast progressing industrial activity in India. There are manufacturers of oil mill machinery who help to design complete oil mill plant based on specific requirements of the customer.

An oil mill plant is distinguished on two primary categories.

  • Oil production capacity
  • Scale of automation

Oil production capacity : On the basis of daily production capacity of the mill, which is calculated as Metric Ton per day MTD, mills can be categorized as:

  • Small Scale Industry: Production of these mills varies from 5-10 MTD.
  • Medium Scale Industry: Production capacity of these mills varies from 10-50 MTD.
  • Large Scale Industry: Production capacity of these mills is more than 50 MTD and upto 100 MTD.

Scale of Automation : Automation of a plant helps to monitor the production quality and reduce dependency on the labour. On its basis an oil mill is categorized as :

  • Fully automatic
  • Semi-Automatic

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